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Obtain a Golden Visa for Portugal and the EU for you and your family

The Golden Visa, the simplest and most affordable route to EU residency and citizenship. A Golden Visa is granted to non-EU nationals and their families investing in businesses, venture capital funds or real estate.

  • Investments of €350k or more into approved funds

  • Acquisition and rehabilitation of property in a non coastal area where construction was completed over 30 years ago, for a total cost of over €350k or more

  • Investment in an SME that creates 8-10 direct jobs

Individuals with the Golden Visa, their spouse, children and parents over the age of 65 are able to:

  • Enter, live and work in Portugal without the need to reside there

  • Circulate without the need for additional visas through the Schengen area

  • Apply for permanent residence or citizenship after 5 years

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Business Roadmaps Built to Meet Your  Needs

We, at PenBro Family office, are a result driven company that is focused in the development of Small and medium enterprises with up to 8 to 10 job positions. 

Through the development of this S&M Enterprises we are offering to our Golden Visa Investors 

  • Low Cost Investment
  • Planned and scheduled investment plan
  • Secure yearly yield rate of up to 3%
  • Golden Visa in 5 years

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Simple, Cheaper than investing in property

Investing in a S&M enterprise is not only considerably cheaper, as it has a positive impact in the portuguese economy.

As a golden Visa investor not only you are obtaining a service from the country as you are positively contributing to it. 

From the ground we will start, run, optimize and develop your business, which will pay your Golden Visa investment fees in 5 years.

Work with locals

Our S&M enterprise plan works with nationals to contribute with a positive impact.

Golden Visa

All your accounting, legal and housing needs will be fulfilled by our professional team

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For less than 350k make your investment in Portugal and become a national.

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