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Family Office, based in Spain and Portugal. From physical to online business let us take care of their growth!

For the past 30 years our company has developed several companies in different areas of expertise, adapting, maintaining and or striving throughout the different crisis that have hit us. 

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Administration of your LTD company. We create new companies or manage your existing ones. At the moment we run 8 companies in Spain and Portugal.

Crisis Management

30 years of work gave us the chance to understand the ups and downs, when to grow, hold or close. From financial bankruptcy to Startup operational processess

Supply Chain

From our portfolio of companies we have developed a supply chain ranging from Asian to european suppliers for companies as PENHALTA or P&G, open and engage retail chains as iRiparo, Dormitienda and El Corte Inglés.

WEB 2.0

Through our vast connections we can find you valuable personnel, develop custom applications, nearshore, consulting or in-house projects.

Let our Company take care of your needs and focus on what matters.”

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