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What an excelent tool to increase the work flexibility at your company, reduce the risk taking process and get the most adequate professionals for your project. .

We at penbro have the ability to outsource your project and guarantee the best quality of service.

Specialized recruitment

Let us find your best match. through our vast connections we will look for the best fit for your project 


Portugal is a click way from the major capitals in Europe and within the GMT timezone which grants us the ability to provide for our customer a exclusive space to set up the teams according to their requirements or integrate them into our team.

Preliminary meeting

Company description and project presented by the client. Assesment of preliminary needs, evaluation of the most adequate service to provide.


Development Meeting

At this point our clients requirements are clearly defined and a line of action has been agreed by our client. From this point onwards candidates are evaluated or a Mock of the project need is presented.


All of our clients have usually open-ended projects were we Penbro continuosly follow up the project needs and satisfaction of the project.

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